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Lamp Reproductions

New lamps periodically appear on the market. Part of the Night Light mission is to educate members and non-members on reproductions and how to tell them apart.

While some collectors knowingly add high-quality reproductions or newer lamps to their collection, the problem starts when unscrupulous dealers pawn these lamps off as older lamps or don't note that they are new.

Reproductions can be confusing. In fact, the quality of some newer lamps is quite good. The list below can help you tell the difference between the old lamp and the newer ones.

Reprinted with permission of Bob Culver, president of the Night Light Club, the Miniature Lamp Club, www.nightlightclub.org


ReferenceLamp NameDescription
SI-29NutmegReproduced in various colors by T.S. Sands - no wire bale handle. Recent examples seen with glass applied handle
SI-50Log CabinOld lamp has molded-in handle, new lamp has applied handle (more)
SI-109Sweetheart (Beaded Heart)Old lamp has slight depression at top of font; new lamp very flat. New lamp made in various colors including ruby and blue. Most older lamps have Riverside collars
SI-110Ruffled Bull's EyeNew lamp has screw-on collar and is dull, cloudy looking. Made in several colors including red, cobalt, medium green and frosted pink
SI-155Embossed RosesRecently reproduced by B&P in ruby, blue, and amethyst. Clear shade also reproduced
SI-166Greek KeyNew reproductions on the market in cobalt and depression pink. Original in clear glass only (may be painted)
SI-203PlumeOld in milk glass only, often with traces of gilt. Newer L.G. Wright lamps were made in satin, cased, and various colors. Even newer B&P reproductions in amethyst, ruby, and pink cased
SI-222Beaded FloralAnother B&P reproduction. Old in painted milk glass only. New in pink cased and amethyst. Floral vines and beads appear different
SI-223EmbossedNew by B&P. Old in milk glass only. New in ruby, blue, and pink cased
SI-228Fleur-de-lisOld base is 2-9/16" in height and has a Nutmeg collar. New base is 3" tall and has Hornet collar. Cobalt and vaseline are newer
SI-286Cosmos (Daisy)Old lamp is milk glass only. Clear, clear frosted, and cobalt are reproductions
SI-293SwirlOld lamp is satin glass in a 4-section mold. New lamp has been made in clear, in a 2-section mold
SI-369EmbossedNew lamp is clear, but flashed to look like cranberry - look through bottom to check. Also, plain white milk glass is a repro. New lamps often have "blackened" burners
SI-395IdahoOld made in blue and pink satin. New made by B&P in satin blue, pink cased, and amethyst. Ribbing on bottom of base and top of shade is slightly swirled on old lamp; straight up and down on new lamp. Old lamp has "shoulder" on top of font; new lamp is smooth. (more)
SI-397EmbossedOld lamp made in red satin only. Newer lamps made by B&P are in milk glass, white satin, and pale pink satin (more)
SI-400Beaded DrapeOld lamp has thin glass, lighter weight. New lamp was produced in satin (as was old) and also in milk glass, cranberry, and in opalescent thumbprints in various colors. Now being reproduced by B&P in ruby and pink cased
SI-423Embossed Ribs & FloralOld lamps known in red and honey. B&P repro in ruby, cobalt, and pink cased. New has ribbed foot; old foot is floral design
SI-432TwinkleRecently reproduced by B&P in amethyst and ruby. New lamp has fuzzy letters, including an incomplete "L." On shade, old lamp has four stars on top neck. Old not made in red (more)
SI-482Daisy and CubeOld lamp shade is 2-1/8" high; new L.G. Wright shade is 2-3/8" high. Both new and old found in amber and blue. New lamp only also made in milk glass, green, and amberina. Only the old lamp came in clear (more)
SI-493Open OwlOld lamp made in clear, green, and white milk glass. New reproductions by B&P made in ruby, ruby satin, and clear over white cased. Possibly other colors as well
SII-259Embossed FloralNew B&P repros in pink cased have chimney shade extension at top. See also SI-135


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